Move Over Flat White – Magic is Here!


A new coffee offering has just launched nationwide in the eleven stores of Esquires Coffee in Ireland.  The new type of coffee, inspired by coffee connoisseurs in Melbourne, Australia, is called Magic.

The Magic coffee consists of steamed milk over a double shot of ristretto. The name is derived from the ‘magic’ ratio of milk to coffee which strikes the perfect balance. For master baristas and connoisseurs of coffee, this 6 oz drink hits the sweet spot for them!

Tony McVerry, who heads up the Esquires Coffee operation in Ireland, said, “We first came across the offering of a ‘Magic’ coffee in February during a coffee tour of cutting-edge artisan coffee houses in Australia and New Zealand. We were intrigued by the fact that our hosts kept referencing this drink over and above the Flat White, which, as we all know, is the much loved beverage that originated  ‘Down Under’. Interestingly enough, Magic never appeared on any coffee menu and it was very much a well-kept secret between baristas and those in the know. Now, with it becoming more popular, it has started to appear on menus and a select number of Antipodean coffee houses in London are now promoting Magic as the ‘must-have’ beverage. We are delighted to be one of the first to bring it to Ireland. We believe it will become a firm favourite with our customers.”

The new Magic coffee is currently available in all eleven Esquires Coffee stores in Ireland. The cost is €2.75.

The official hashtag is #EsquiresMagic.

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