Proud to be Organic Free Trade

100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee

At Esquires, we are proud to source our own bespoke blend of 100% Organic Fairtrade espresso coffee, used throughout our estate of coffee bars. Our unique blend of coffee beans is sustainably produced by artisan growers

To create speciality coffees with perfectly balanced flavour, the blend is made up from coffee beans sourced from a range of countries and as it is Fairtrade, the origin of each bean can be traced back to the individual coffee farmer that grew the plant. This level of traceability not only helps us to ensure that the coffee in our customer’s cups is always of the best quality, but also means that we are confident that by sourcing Fairtrade beans, that we are helping growers to improve quality of life for themselves, their families and communities.

We source from Fairtrade coffee cooperatives – organisations made up from multiple small coffee farmers who collectively can process and market their coffee beans more effectively. Being part of a Fairtrade coffee cooperative ensures a farmer a minimum price for their coffee crop as well as extra premiums paid for the Fairtade product. The premiums are invested back into initiatives which are democratically agreed by members of the co-operative. The coffee cooperatives that we source the Esquires blend from are located in Peru, Honduras, Sumatra and Ethiopia.

At Esquires, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the Fairtrade movement by only selling Fairtrade coffee. We further commit to only using 100% Organic coffee beans to ensure our customers can enjoy the best tasting coffee in Ireland. So, combined let’s all of us support good causes and do our bit for the Planet as well!

Great coffee helps And so do we.

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