Best Modern Organic Coffee Shop Enterprise 2024

We’re delighted to say that Esquires Coffee Ireland has been awarded Best Modern Organic Coffee Shop Enterprise 2024 in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 hosted by EU Business News.

The following is from the EU Business News.

Having spent its years becoming a globally recognised leader in the ethical coffee industry, Esquires specialises in the art of sourcing and serving premium Fairtrade coffee from Organic origins to its customers worldwide. Whether it’s delivering its staples or experimenting with various combinations and flavours to bring something completely new to the market, the company boasts a broad family of worldwide stores blending its values with the character of local Franchise Owners. At its heart, Esquires seek to offer its customers the finest of Organic coffee along with modern food menus in order to elevate the customer experience each and every time customers enter one of their stores.

Since commencing operation in 1993 as an international franchise and to this very day, the Esquires company brand values haven’t changed, they are at all times to be environmentally responsible, to only serve responsibly sourced Fairtrade and 100% Organic coffee, to serve their customers with honest food and healthy options and at all times to be local community focussed. During this period, Esquires has become a byword for those who wish to drink coffee in a more ethical manner than most other
coffee chains. Boasting brilliant blends, the company has been on a continuous upward trajectory that, in partnership with the growing demand for organic alternatives, has allowed it to accumulate a worldwide community following.

Despite being an internationally recognised brand, however, Esquires brings something completely new to the industry in the form of its coffee houses. Specifically designed to seamlessly blend into whichever neighbourhood they’re established in, these coffee houses introduce a sense of community and togetherness that no major corporate chain possibly can. Customer engagement with the brand is central to the company ethos as each café strives to provide a more personal and memorable experience to its customers in each of its cafes.

In each neighbourhood that Esquires operate in, it becomes a hub for locals to meet, transact business, study or relax, all whilst enjoying the company’s Organic coffee, food and local vibe. Each café has been designed, specifically for each local neighbourhood – this means, all of the cafes are different, yet built and operated on the same foundations and of course, the same great tasting coffee.

Partner this with the fact that Esquires is fully committed to remaining an exclusively organic coffee brand, and you’ve got a
worldwide collective that favours the experience of drinking coffee over making quick money. Esquires is a shining example of how a globally recognised company can truly connect with its target audience, resulting in a continuous relationship with each and every customer. Capturing the essence of what makes the world special is what Esquires is all about, and it leverages its fully carbon neutral nature and dedication to only serving Fairtrade and 100% Organic blends to draw further attention to the importance of the natural beauty around us. Where some may just see coffee, Esquires sees an opportunity – one that will introduce generations of people to the true meaning of togetherness. Esquires passion is not just about serving the finest of Organic coffee but also includes caring for each of the Esquires stores, the farming neighbourhoods where Esquires coffee is grown, the local environment which are some of the reasons why all of the coffee, teas and drinking hot chocolate
are Organic and Fairtrade certified.

In essence, Esquires believes in human craft, and combines this with its immense creativity to cultivate a never before seen approach to the art of serving coffee. Every step forward for the brand has been one taken with care – one that places health of people and the planet above all else. As such, though it has garnered international renown for its fabulous organic coffee blends, where the collective truly shines is in its commitment to upholding the values that define it.

The Irish Enterprise Awards act as a means for us to turn our readers’ attention towards companies that are leaving behind an imprint that deserves to linger on the industry. Esquires is one such company – through its selfless ideals and dedication to maintaining the wellbeing of people and the planet alike, the company has distinguished itself as an organic coffee brand that refuses to change for the sake of further gain. All it has earned has been a direct result of its avid love for its people, be they customers or Franchise Owners, and it’s for this reason that Esquires has become the top pick for Organic coffee both in Ireland and on a worldwide basis.

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